My Lead System Pro – My Personal ‘Test’ Results

Chances are you already have a rough idea of what this system is, and how it can help you in your business. But before I tell you what it is and how it works, I wanted to share with you the results that I PERSONALLY got from using this system.


It’s always better to get the opinion of someone who is ACTUALLY getting results and an active member. Yeah I will give you an affiliate link at the end so you can sign up 😉


But onto my test of My Lead System Pro…..


The ‘experiment’ started in October 2010. Previous to using My Lead System Pro I had no prior experience of using the internet to build any kind of business. I just about knew how to throw up a webpage using Dreamweaver, which is pretty much redundant now anyway, as everyone uses WordPress.


I went through the ‘setup’ training within the system which showed me how to set up my sales funnel. Everything was quick and easy and I was up and running within 2 hours. The next thing I had to do was figure out a way to drive traffic to my new funnel so I could generate some leads and make some hard cash.


I spent two evenings watching some of the training videos (total about 5 hours) and settled on ‘content marketing’. Two reasons I chose this……I enjoy writing, am quick at it plus I had $200 bucks in my bank account so any ‘paid’ marketing was out of the question.


The idea with content marketing is to create useful articles and videos about topics relating to the Network Marketing industry, so that when people find them they click through to my website and hopefully ‘opt in’ and become a lead. This also serves as a ‘search engine optimization’ strategy, which basically means that my website will pop up in Google (hopefully page 1) when someone searches for something in Google. This might be something like ‘mlm training’ or ‘success in mlm’ or ‘my lead system pro review’… get the idea I’m sure.


Following the step by step video tutorial in the system I set up my own hosted WordPress blog. Then over the next 100 days produced 1 new piece of content each day (some articles and some videos). I then syndicated the content as they told me to in the video, I used software to do this as I didn’t have the time to sit there submitting articles and videos. They recommend the software to me and it worked like a charm. By New Year 2011 I had around 100 pieces of content on my blog.


“I actually started getting leads after my 4th article!”


Ok, so January to August I was a lazy ass and too busy enjoying life and produced practically no new content for my blog. I’m not really a lazy ass lol, I was just working on other stuff and enjoying life.


Here’s what happened……..


The most dramatic results were between April & September 2011 so let’s focus on that. Whilst I was enjoying life, I generated on auto pilot over 6,000 leads, sponsored over 326 people into my business, made thousands of dollars worth of commissions from 10+ income streams, and in August was made a My Lead System Pro L4 leader and member of the month. That basically means I’m one of the top 10 producers in the system out of thousands of members.


I was pretty pleased as you can imagine, especially bearing in mind that it happened on autopilot, I didn’t make any outbound calls (unless people called me and left a message).


“In essence I had replaced my income and was able to pay my bills each month without going to a ‘JOB’.”

Pretty cool huh?


So that in brief is what happened to me when I tested the My Lead System Pro system, and the hard & fast fact is……that it definitely works.


But how does it work?…….. More importantly how can it work for you?


Well I’ve put together a video where I personally show you how to start using this system in your business for incredible results. If you enter your Name & Email below I will chat to you on the next page (I prefer to explain in person rather than writing)


James Hicks

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