Mike Dillard – How Did He Overcome All The Odds And Become An 8 Figure Earner?

Looking for information about Mike Dillard?  If you are then there’s a high chance that you are looking for more success in your Network Marketing business.  Mike was responsible for revolutionizing the industry with his ‘Attraction Marketing’ concepts.  Not only do these concepts work well offline, they are supremely effective when utilised on the internet.


mike dillardOver the last few years the internet has become the number one way to build a Network Marketing business and for good reasons.  We have access to millions of prospects, the leverage of automated systems and the possibility to earn money completely hands off, regardless of if anyone joins our main business or not.


Mike heavily contributed to this phenomenon, but looking at his background you’d wonder how the heck he ever did it and went on to become an 8 figure earner in the industry.  He used to be shy, humble and worked for just a few dollars on the hour as a waiter having originally trained as a surgeon recruiter.  At that point in his life he could not imagine himself as a multimillion dollar industry leader.  It’s a common thread for all the ‘greats’ in our industry, they all started from nothing, which should give hope to all of us.


Not wanting to waste his life away working for someone else and living in poverty, he made the decision to become successful and carve his own destiny.  It was at this point he turned to Network Marketing and like most of us, took the advice of his upline and did the whole ‘warm list’ thing, 3 foot rule, buying leads, pitching at any given opportunity etc…..  Although these traditional methods have their uses, it’s not exactly the recipe for a ‘fast track’ success story.


Fast forward on to the age of 28 Mike had raked in around $300K and was well on his way to becoming one of the top earners in the industry.


How did he do it?


The Mike Dillard Transformation…


He shifted his mindset, learnt the principles of becoming a master of his own destiny, learnt some online marketing techniques and learned to position himself in such a way that people were attracted to him.  This is a totally different approach to marketing and was termed ‘Attraction Marketing’.  He also produced the now famous book called Magnetic Sponsoring from which thousands of Network Marketers have learnt to switch from being a ‘pain in the butt’ salesperson, to someone of posture, diligence, power and authority.


If you haven’t read the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring book then I’d highly recommend you watch these 7 free videos right now.  To leave this information on the table, is the same as leaving thousands of dollars on the table.


His Magnetic Sponsoring book will cover these basic areas….


1)      What the network marketing industry is REALLY about (it may not be quite what you are thinking right now)

2)      How to create ‘leverage and franchise’ in this industry

3)      How to be professional and separate yourself from 98% of ALL the other network markers on the planet (this alone will make you thousands of dollars)

4)      How to become an ‘Alpha’

5)      How to use a funded proposal system to generate endless leads, cash flow and signups

6)      Who is your target market and what do they want?  But more importantly how can you directly tap into their needs and give them EXACTLY what they want…which leads to resisitance free sales.

7)      Why a poverty mindset will doom you to destruction and how to get out of it.


That just skims the surface of Mike’s incredible book and its one every network marketer should read.


Mike is the perfect example of a ‘rags to riches’ story and if you buy his stuff and watch these free videos, you will realise that it doesn’t matter who you are, or what your background is you CAN be successful and reach your goals, if you are willing to learn and take action.


There are several Mike Dillard products on the market now, all are excellent value and I would highly encourage you to check him out and what he has to offer….a good starting point would be these 7 free videos….these alone can transform your mindset and the results you get in your business.


Remember the only person that can stop you achieving freedom…..is you.

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Posted January 3rd, 2012 in MLM Reviews.

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