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Healthy Weight Loss Shakes

Healthy Weight Loss Shakes

If you are looking for healthy weight loss shakes, look no further than the Visalus Vi-shape.  Not only is this one of the top shakes on the market in regards to taste but it is backed by science and years of research.  The shake has specially formulated to maintain lean muscle, while helping to burn fat.  It helps boost your metabolism, controls hunger, supports heart, digestive and bone health.

To get the nutritional value found in just one Vi-Shape serving, you would need to eat over $100 dollars and 8600 calories of food.  Who has the time, energy or appetite for that.  So not only is the Vi-Shape packed with tons of nutritional value, it helps you save money on your food bill.

Healthy Weight Loss Shakes and Why the Vi-Shape Leads the Way in Quality.

1. A unique , concentrated and absorbable blend of high quality proteins processed to remove fat, lactose, carbohydrates and isoflavones to provide pure, concentrated proteins.

2. Lower sodium than other brands.

3. Contains a full serving of whole milk which provides calcium for your bones.

4. Contains digestive aids and enzymes, including prebiotic activity for maximum nutrition absorbtion.

5. Best tasting mix ever, that is why we call it the “shake that tastes like cake mix”.

How to Lose Weight with healthy weight loss shakes is really quite easy.  Most people when wanting to lose a few pounds will usually take 1 serving of Vi-Shape in the morning mixed with either skim milk or almond milk.  You can also toss in some frozen fruit to make a high nutritional smoothie.  They then have a sensible lunch and dinner.  The biggest thing to remember is eating smaller meals throughout the day is better than larger meals.

If someone needs to lose more than a few pounds it is recommended to have 2 servings of Vi-Shape per day and then one sensible meal.  Also working out will definitely help with regards to losing weight and keeping your muscle tone.

With that said, you can find out more information on the Visalus and Vi-Shape by CLICKING HERE.  You can also take part in the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge and win some fantastic prizes.  I hope that you found what you were looking for when searching for “healthy weight loss shakes”.




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Great Ideas For Home Business

great ideas for home business

One of the most popular questions that I receive is, Stuart, can you give me some great ideas for home business?  In this article I will share a few ideas for a home business.  There are many reasons why a home business is becoming more popular.  With the unemployment level at such a high rate, with more moms wanting to stay home with their kids, plus for the simple fact that operating a profitable home business gives you the freedom to do other things, that is my reason for having started a home business.

The first great ideas for home business would be make baked goods or plant a garden and sell your goods at a farmers market.  I know a few moms that do this and they bring in an extra $500 per month.  That may not seem like much, but it is usually more than enough to pay a few bills or even a car payment.  Instructions for this is quite simple.  Find recipes with a low cost of ingredients, with a high markup, that taste amazing, bake in a large quantity and set up your booth.

The second great ideas for home business which is actually two ideas in one is to set up a blog and post content to it on a daily basis.  This is such a great idea because the internet is content filled.  Meaning that people come online to learn or buy things.  And if you can provide and fill a need you can make some good money in the process.  With that said however you must first learn how to set up a blog, write articles and get them on the first page of the search engines.  This is really quite simple once you learn some of the basic skills.  You can click here to learn some of these basic skills.  There are then many ways to get paid from your articles.  A few being adsense, banners, affiliate marketing, and CPA.  All of these are also taught here.

The third great ideas for home business would be to start a MLM business.  Many people shy away from MLM because it has been given such a bad rap over the years.  One of the reasons is that 99% of MLM companies are all about recruiting distributors and selling products, neither which comes naturally to people.  The only company that I know of that is more customer driven and doesn’t make it uncomfortable to introduce people to the business is Visalus Sciences. Also, MLM is one of the best ways for the average person to make residual income.

The fourth great ideas for a home business would be to become an Internet Referral Agent.  An IRA is basically someone that refers people to take part in free trials that companies offer.  Companies such as Netflix, DirectTv and GoDaddy, offer free trials of their products and services in hopes of aquireing new customers.  In exchange, the IPA’s are paid as much as $169 per referral.  It doesn’t take long to start earning hundreds if not thousands of extra dollars per month.  You can find out more about becoming an IRA here.

In conclusion, the number one tip that I can give you is to be diligent, learn some needed skills and never give up.  Hopefully I have given you some great ideas for home business.