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Услуга астролога Персональный гороскоп. Натальная карта

Консультация астролога Вайбер.

Астрология финансов. Солнце и Луна Овен Телец Близнецы Рак Лев Дева Весы Скорпион Стрелец Козерог Водолей Рыбы.

Онлайн консультация астролога по Telegram.

Узнать Хорарную астрологию;

Медицинская астрология — направление астрологии, посвящённое вопросам здоровья человека.

АСТРОЛОГИЯ — учение, согласно которому события земной жизни можно предсказать по расположению небесных светил. Обычно астролог для предсказания судьбы человека составляет по особым правилам гороскоп — условный чертеж расположения светил в момент рождения данного человекАстрология Астрология как толкование расположения звезд было широко распространена на Др. Востоке, откуда она пришла в Др. Грецию и затем в Рим, где означала то же самое, что и астрономия. Позднее Астрология начала рассматриваться как средство для определения судьбы человека по положению и движению звезд. Основополагающий учебник по Астрология написал знаменитый астроном Птолемей, считавший, однако, что расположение звезд — только половина дела, а остальное зависит от самого человекАстрология Составлял гороскопы для своих современников и др., не менее знаменитый астроном И. Кеплер.

транзитные планеты на небосклоне, образовывая определенные аспекты (углы) между собой, Солнцем и Землей, являются причиной вспышек и пятен на Солнце, определяют напряженности и направления солнечного магнитного поля и магнитного поля Земли;

Д-р Эллсуорт Хантингтон, историк из Йельского университета, на открытых публичных диспутах уже доказал, что имеется определенная связь между движениями планет по небосклону и многочисленными фактами – последствиями на Земле. Это он блестяще доказал на примерах, касающихся судеб прошлых цивилизаций.

Гороскопы наций составляются в попытках предсказать периоды расцвета и упадка, предугадать развитие внешних отношений, демографических циклов, результатов споров, последствий митингов, забастовок, ультиматумов, бунтов, войн и многого другого.


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Global Income Alliance

global income allianceThe Global Income Alliance is the world’s first and only true online franchise.  It was many months and thousands of dollars in the creation of this incredible new concept that is taking the internet by storm.  It was unleashed to the world on April 6, 2012 and has been running smoothly ever since.

The Global Income Alliance has not only solved the problem of why so many people fail in the network marketing industry but it has more importantly come up with a solution.  It is a wonder why someone hasn’t come up with this concept earlier, but it is my guess that the goo-roo’s want to keep selling you their courses and e-books knowing that it will keep them rich will not doing much for you.

The Global Income Alliance‘s greatest feature is just like a true franchise, they offer a complete turn key operation for you to take part in which is affordable for everyone.  Most importantly, all of the marketing and sales are completely done for you by their professional team of marketers and sales people.  These are the two reasons why most if not all the failure in the industry occurs.  Most people are not good at marketing or sales and this problem is solved with GIA.

Global Income Alliance

The Global Income Alliance also has complete ongoing live training calls on marketing that is the most complete and up to date marketing that really works.  You will be able to ‘supersize’ your results and success if you do some of your own marketing.  But this is totally not necessary if you don’t have the desire or time.

This online franchise system is working great, even as I type this another sale was made for me, all from the marketing done by the team at the GIA.  By having this type of system in place it takes the pressure off of selling on my own.  It gives me the freedom to learn the marketing skills at my own pace all the while my business is growing every day.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend you CLICK HERE and learn more about the “Global Income Alliance” and how they can help you to finally have the success that you desire.


Empower Network – A Golden Mist Lays To Rest Over Internet Land

The Empower Network….right now this is creating an absolute REVOLUTION in the online Network Marketing industry.  People all over the world are for the first time making 100% commissions paid DIRECTLY into their bank accounts.  The young and old, new and experienced, expert and novice, rich & poor, big and small, religious and non religious, affiliates and network marketers….whoever you are, you can right now join the Golden mist that has come to rest on the online marketing industry.

People from all corners of the globe are chanting….

“100% commissions”

“100% commissions”




“Go ALL IN now”

Have we seen anything like this before?


OK…..let’s get real…..cut out the hype and let’s take a look at this…..

Watch This Important Video Review Of The Empower Network


Now Learn How The Compensation Plan Works

Over the last few days my phone has been ringing off the hook, leads are pouring in, emails are pouring in from HUNGRY people who’ve read my Empower Network reviews and want to know what the heck all this is about.


Empower Network


First things, first if you’re curious about how it’s possible to earn 100% directly deposited commissions, click here


The Empower Network is a viral blogging & marketing system that will allow you to start generating traffic, leads and money by following a simple straight forward blueprint.  It’s a fact (and I can prove it to you) that producing good quality content on a blog is a fantastic way of generating traffic and leads for your business.

I first set my own personal blog up a while back now, I wrote about 120 articles, did some ninja SEO stuff and my stuff pops up all over Google on page 1.


How did this help me?

Right now I get 40+ leads each and every day into my business on autopilot, have sponsored over 409 people into various programs since Feb 2011 (on autopilot) and made thousands of dollars worth of commission payments (but they weren’t 100% commissions, more like 40%).


How does this help you?

Not a lot.

Let me explain…..I busted my *ss creating content, setting up my blog, learning SEO, syndicating articles, building links and spent hours trawling through forums looking for juicy bits of information that would allow me to outwit the competition.  I also spent a shed load of time creating my own sales funnels and presentations so that I could automate my business.

I was lucky…I could go full time at this…so for 100 days I sat down and got busy.

You might not have the time, or even want to go through the process of doing it all yourself.


That’s where the Empower Network comes in.

When you join, you will have your own blog already set up with all the bells & whistles, PLUS all the marketing is done for you…the sales funnel, the sales videos & presentations, the email follow-up, the webinars..etc  Also the Empower Network domain has good age and authority, which means that the content you place on your blog will get more attention from the search engines, and has a much greater chance of reaching the coveted top 10 slots on Google, far quicker than if you were to set up your own blog.


I still firmly believe that you SHOULD set up your own personal, branded blog BUT whilst that’s gaining age and authority, why not use Empower Network and earn 100% commissions in the meantime?  Click here.


Essentially you can sign up, follow the training videos in the back office, start blogging and start generating traffic & leads for your business.  Plus you can make money, but not just any money…100% residual monthly commissions ($25, $125 per sale), you can also make a $500 one time commission per sale.


Yesterday I spent the day at a friend’s house.  When I got home and checked my emails, I found that my monthly residual income had increased by $325, cool huh?  Well that’s the power of having a ‘done for you’ marketing system that is designed by 2 of the greatest marketers on planet Earth…David Wood & David Sharpe.


These guys know how to sell, period.  Wood is the number 1 recruiter in pretty much everything he joins lol…is he all human?…I’m not so sure lol.  Sharpe I’ve never really followed but if he’s working with Dave Wood then he’s good.  Period.  But either way, imagine having the selling done for you by 2 masters and yet YOU pocket all the commissions when someone joins your Empower Network team (and they will).


“It’s true to say that people who have NEVER made a dime before online are making their first commissions ever, and they are damned excited about it!”


Why should you join Empower?

1) To make money.

2) To build an army of bloggers.

3) Anyone who quits…you inherit their traffic, leads & sales.

4) You can help people grow their business easily and have the peace of mind that they REALLY can duplicate success (because the blog system and marketing is done for you)

5) You team will LOVE you because you have introduced them to an easy, duplicate able way to build their business, and they don’t even need to set anything up!


The bottom line as I see it is this….

If you are new to all this online stuff…join Empower Network, follow the training, start blogging and make some damn money!

If you are already ‘in the game’…sign up and use Empower Network as a ‘bolt on’ to your existing marketing activities and make even more damn money!


Either way you should get in now…

Right now, it’s hot, its fresh, its MOMENTUM…click the banner below now…



“You want 100% commissions coming into your bank account daily right?  You want a ton of traffic & leads right?”


Then click the banner above now, or click here