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Welcome to MLM Lead Rush!  If you are here then it’s likely that you are a Network Marketer and looking for more success in your business.

We’re in Network Marketing for 2 reasons, one is for financial freedom, and the 2nd is time freedom.  MLM Lead Rush was created to give you the training you need to achieve both these important goals.  One of the sad things we see in our industry is a lack of results, mostly due to a lack of proper MLM training.  We are taught to make up a warm list and prospect those people with the aim to recruit them.  If that doesn’t work then we look for as many other people to introduce our opportunity to, at the risk of becoming a ‘pest’.  Sound familiar?


Whilst this method works, what happens when you quickly run out of prospects?

If you’re not having the results that you desire in your MLM business then it’s probably not your fault, it’s just that you haven’t yet been given the right Network Marketing training.


Did you know that by using the internet you can quite easily generate 10, 20, 30, 40 or more leads EVERY day for your business.  Did you also know that using a system you can earn affiliate commissions and sponsor into your business DAILY?  A large percentage of this can happen on autopilot, you can even have your leads called for you, if you’re selling a higher ticket product.

Imagine enjoying a day on the beach, or with friends and family whilst your Network Marketing business continues to grow and duplicate, and at the same time so does your bank account.  This is all possible using the simple concepts of attraction marketing.  Hundreds of Network Marketers across the globe have finally realised their goals by embracing these simple concepts in their business.  Isn’t it time you started too?


The process is pretty darn simple….


Here’s the process in brief….


  • Set up a marketing system that is PROVEN to work, there’s no need to try and set up such a complex marketing system yourself, you can plug right into one today and start using it immediately


  • Drive traffic to that sales funnel.  This is very easy to do and we teach you simple, fast and effective ways to do this in our Network Marketing training program.  Most of these strategies won’t cost you a dime…you just need to put in the work


  • Convert that traffic into leads, this is easy to do if you’re using a system.  The system does the work for you.


  • Let your marketing system do the work of following up with your prospects, branding you as a leader and as someone who is attractive to your prospects.  Don’t be surprised if you get people calling and emailing you, asking to join your business!


  • Prospects buy products from you that help them become successful in their business, so you earn daily commissions, even if no one joins your Network Marketing business.


  • Because your prospects are already sold on you thanks to all the value that you’ve given them (the system does the work of providing value and training) when you come to present your opportunity to them, they are ready to sign up.

Network Marketing Training Made Simple…….

“Don’t believe it’s possible?  Think it’s a pipe dream, click here to hear the story of one of our team.”


With the right MLM training anything is possible for your business.  Our goal at MLM Lead Rush is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to succeed in their business, PLUS make it easy for their teams to duplicate success.

We also don’t believe in hanging around.  Why take 2 years to reach your goals when it can be done in 6 months or less?

If you want to get on the fast track to success then get connected with one of our team today and let them show you how easy it really is to get on the fast track to FREEDOM.


That’s why you’re in this business right?  For Freedom?  Click below to get started.